The Sowing of the Meadow Autumn ’22


In the last few days, we have been working on the meadow, mowing,clearing and harrowing.

On the Sunday morning 9th October an energetic group of volunteers raked up the detritus from the harrowing (we often seem to be raking in our field).

Then we hand-sowed the whole field with a large quantity of wild flower meadow seeds, including cornfield annuals and yellow rattle, mixed with dry sand this so we could see where we had sown.

After that, the field was completely rolled over. So now we must wait for rain and look forward to an enhanced show of wild flowers next Spring.

Volunteers are always welcome to join in when we are working in the meadow. If you would like to help, you can contact us via our website

Look out for calls for assistance that are announced on our website and Facebook page.

NB For more photos see Gallery below.

Bryan Dale – Caerleon Festival

October 2022

Photos: David Nelmes

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