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The Caerleon Festival is a non-commercial community enterprise celebrating the arts throughout the year and promoting the special place that is Caerleon. It is created by the Community for the Community, but its appeal extends far and wide.

Caerleon Festival Values: The Festival exists for the enjoyment of all and is committed to the values of equality, inclusivity, diversity and freedom of expression.  Discrimination in matters such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age; and offensive expressions of a misogynistic, sexist, homophobic and racist nature are not tolerated.

Scope: At its birth, in 2002 the Festival concentrated on sculpture, but it has long since blossomed into a celebration of the arts showcasing talent from near and far.

The highlight of the Festival calendar year is a ten day Summer Festival in July which includes music, dance, drama, literature, painting, sculpture, arts & crafts at historic venues throughout Caerleon.

Caerleon: The Festival promotes the special place that is Caerleon – ancient “city” steeped in history, mystery and legend; Roman Fortress with Amphitheatre, Baths and Barracks; site of medieval castle where Owain Glyndwr raised his standard; King Arthur’s Camelot perhaps; set on the banks of the River Usk whose mighty tidal ebb and flow inspired Alfred Lord Tennyson.  The Festival Team is improving the gateway to Caerleon transforming wasteland to wild flower meadow – the Festival Field/Gateway Meadow beneath the fortress wall.

Here are some specifics:

  • A celebration of the arts and entertainment;
  • By the Community for the Community;
  • Events throughout the year;
  • Ten day Summer Festival in July;
  • Wide in scope/wide in appeal;
  • Dynamic – new ideas & opportunities;
  • Promotes local talent & big names from beyond;
  • Celebrates the special place that is Caerleon;
  • Indoors/outdoors at historic venues in a place steeped in history & legend;
  • Opportunity to relax, enjoy/take part.

 Typical events:

  • Shakespeare in the Roman Amphitheatre performed by the nationally acclaimed Festival Players (Patron: Dame Judi Dench);
  • “Lit. on the Lawn” of the Priory Hotel with authors, poets, comedy, music & more;
  • Choirs in the Church – world class choirs and soloists too;
  • Music galore in pubs – big bands, rock, acoustic, folk, Celtic & classical;
  • Sculpture Trail throughout the village;
  • The Big Free Weekend – yes free with 50+ bands/performers, on both banks of the river together with………
  • Arts/Crafts/Sculpture on the Festival Meadow;
  • Christmas Farmers’ Market – produce and gifts in the Town Hall with Santa Claus;
  • Hen Galan – a celebration of the Welsh New Year with Mari Lwyd in attendance;
  • St David’s Day – 1st March – a celebration with traditional music and song;
  • Spring Fayre 20th April – produce and gifts in the Town Hall;


The Gateway Project: This is work in progress to transform the Festival Field into a Wild Flower Meadow with help from volunteers & local schools.



How is the Festival funded?

  1. Grants & Sponsorship (cash, goods, services);
  2. Goodwill – volunteers giving freely of their time and expertise;
  3. Festival generated income.

How is it managed?

By a committee of unpaid members with a legal identity – Community Interest Company – Celf Caerleon Arts CIC No: 8625012 – supported by volunteers.

Follow your Festival Programme as it unfolds..

This is just the start-  there is much, much more. Why not explore the EVENTS Pages  where you will find all you need to know about Lit on the Lawn;  the BIG FREE; crafts on the Field…..




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