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Here you will find all you need to know about the Arts Festival that is held in Caerleon every summer together with other events, scheduled throughout the year.

We want you to easily access information on Festival events and keep you in touch with what is happening and how to book tickets. You can share your views with us too so we are in touch.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Côr Meibion Caldicot

Côr Meibion Caldicot is one of the leading and larger Male Voice Choirs in Wales and is ideally placed to perform throughout much of South Wales, the Midlands and the West Country. It sings pieces in Welsh, English, German, Italian and if the South African National Anthem is included, Afrikaans and Xhosa. They will be performing before the Shakespeare production of Henry V.

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FESTIVAL PLAYERS - Patron: Dame Judi Dench. This will be preceded by the Côr Meibion Caldicot Male Voice Choir at 6.15pm - 7pm. A truly wonderful opportunity to see an open air performance in an unique setting. Picnics welcome. Bring your own seats/rugs. Bar & Food on site courtesy of The Priory Hotel.

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Latest News

Wildflower Meadow May 2020

  During this very hot week, a group of senior volunteer Caerleon Festival stalwarts gave our wild flower meadow a bit of attention. Over two sweltering days they cut and cleared pathways around the wildflower borders, sculptures and seating, so that visitors could walk through the meadow and enjoy the wild flowers close up. A […]

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Further Art Work sent in from Caerleon Primary Schools

The Caerleon Festival was delighted to receive work sent in from Phoebe Y4 and Esmeralda Y1 of Ponthir Church in Wales Primary School. We have had to set up a new News Page since the last one covering Primary Art became overloaded…..well done the Primary school pupils of Caerleon. Do keep them coming – send […]

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Caerleon Comp School from HOME – their ART

The Caerleon Festival invited the Art Dept. staff of the Caerleon Comprehensive School and/or the students themselves to send in work that is being carried out at home during this period of isolation from friends, school and other social activities. The Festival has been overwhelmed by the extraordinary talent shown in the work that has, […]

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Young people working from HOME – their Art

Some of the WORK coming from CAERLEON PRIMARY SCHOOLS   Throughout Wales, along with the rest of the UK, children are being taught at home, producing some exciting and interesting artwork. We asked to see some of the pictures being done in and around Caerleon and for young people (or their parents/guardians) to send photos of […]

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