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Here you will find all you need to know about the Arts Festival that is held in Caerleon every summer together with other events, scheduled throughout the year.

We want you to easily access information on Festival events and keep you in touch with what is happening and how to book tickets. You can share your views with us too so we are in touch.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Sarah McQuaid

Sarah is very much looking forward to making her second visit to this beautiful church in a historic town that was once home to a Roman legion and still boasts a well-preserved 6,000-seat Roman amphitheatre!

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Daoirí Farrell his Autumn 2021 UK & Ireland Tour

The Caerleon Festival welcomes Daoirí, one of the most important traditional singers to emerge in the last decade. This is a return performance as he last appeared in Caerleon in 2017. Singer and bouzouki player Daoirí (pronounced ‘Derry’) Farrell won two prestigious BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2017, and performed live at the awards ceremony at London’s Royal Albert Hall, as well as receiving three nominations in the 2019 RTÉ Folk Awards

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CAERLEON’S FESTIVAL MEADOW – how it came about.

THE FESTIVAL MEADOW   This article appears in the latest issue of the Monmouthshire Meadow Group (MMG) magazine. It tells of the background to how the Festival Meadow, sited across the road from the Hanbury Arms, came about. ­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________________________________________________ “A few years ago, Celf Caerleon Arts secured a long lease on the Hanbury Field, where […]

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WildflowerMeadowOctober2020 Tuesday 13th October – sowing can be fun!

WildflowerMeadowOctober2020 Tuesday 13th October – sowing can be fun. After yet more rain, we were finally able to get the last meadow work of the year completed. In mid October a band of enthusiastic volunteers enjoyed hand sowing six kilos of wild flower meadow seeds throughout the entire field. Bad weather last autumn prevented us […]

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 CAERLEON FESTIVAL CHRISTMAS VIRTUAL FARMERS’ MARKET 2020! (Reality to Virtuality)   Sadly, as you may know, our traditional Caerleon Festival Christmas Farmers’ Market will not be held in the Town Hall this year due to Covid-19. But, do not despair, we are inviting all our market stallholders to join us in a Virtual Christmas Farmers’ Market! […]

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WildflowerMeadowSeptember2020 cont.

CAERLEON FESTIVAL – THE GATEWAY MEADOW Despite the curtailment of activities by covid the Festival Team has been busy on the Gateway Meadow. Despite a damp August, with the help of our friendly farmer most of the Meadow was cut, turned and baled – with bales removed.  The wildflower borders were left intact to allow […]

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WildflowerMeadowSeptember2020 After a very inclement August, the weather turned favourable and the meadow started to dry out. By the second week we were able to have it all cut, turned and baled, all done within a couple of days, and the bales were happily carted away by our friendly farmer. The wildflower borders were left […]

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