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Here you will find all you need to know about the Arts Festival that is held in Caerleon every summer together with other events, scheduled throughout the year.

We want you to easily access information on Festival events and keep you in touch with what is happening and how to book tickets. You can share your views with us too so we are in touch.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Daoirí Farrell his SPRING 2022 UK & Ireland Tour

The Caerleon Festival welcomes Daoirí, one of the most important traditional singers to emerge in the last decade. This is a return performance as he last appeared in Caerleon in 2017. Singer and bouzouki player Daoirí (pronounced ‘Derry’) Farrell won two prestigious BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2017, and performed live at the awards ceremony at London’s Royal Albert Hall, as well as receiving three nominations in the 2019 RTÉ Folk Awards

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Raising of a New Standard

THE 20th CAERLEON FESTIVAL in 2022 Looking forward…. The raising of a new standard in the Hanbury Tower marks the 20th year of the Caerleon Festival. There is much to reflect upon, including Sir Colin who maintains his steely gaze across the river. What lies ahead? None can tell. Events eclipse expectations. Here is what […]

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Farmers’ Market – Saturday 11th December – Review

Christmas came to Caerleon!  After an enforced break the Market was back! In the Town Hall enthusiasm was the mood of the day as customers, in a steady stream, negotiated the one way system to view the impressive array of goodies and gifts on display.  Business was brisk.  Smiles were discernible beneath masks.  The Community […]

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Belshazzar’s Feast – Friday 10th December – Review

Belshazzar’s Feast People came from near and far to enjoy a perfect aperitif for Christmas.  Consummate musicians, Paul & Paul, served up a seasonal journey with traditional music and songs – ancient and modern – recalling the spirit of Christmas past.  Their musical cocktail was infused with melodies mixed and spiced with mis-notes.   Audience participation […]

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Richard Digance – Sat 4th December 2021- Review

On a cold winter’s night in troubled times, a significant audience gathered in St. Cadoc’s Church in need of a morale boost. Ricard delivered it. His wry reminiscences, acute observations and humour served with song and guitar were just what a doctor would have ordered. People smiled. The Christmas Tree sparkled. Tim Chair

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Sarah McQuaid – Thursday 4th December – Review

Sarah’s long awaited second coming to Caerleon was worth the wait.  Expectations were high.  She exceeded them.  A fine lyricist, singer and musician, Sarah delivered a virtuoso performance to a significantly sized audience in the acoustically blessed Church of St. Cadoc.   Her voice and guitar playing were beautifully synchronised.  Her songs stirred the emotions. […]

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