The Big Free 2022

The Big Free: Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th July

Why the Big Free?

From morning ’til night over a whole weekend there will be an offering of arts, crafts, sculpture, exhibitions, and see besides a fabulous Middle Eastern dance group, entertainment and music from rock to reggae with over forty bands/performers at events held on the Hanbury Quayside, and the Festival Field.

So having enjoyed the events on the Festival Field, and  crossed the road and joined in the fun and hi-jinx at the Hanbury Arms…..

…..continue on around the village of Caerleon and in many other hostelries, you will find talented musicians playing folk, jazz, blues, rock & roll  – a must! … have a drink and good food whilst enjoying the programme of music and dance that will take you through to the early evening – see details….

Enjoy all this whilst having that drink, good food and hopefully the sun….

It will be BIG in Scope and Ambition.
It will be the climax of the Caerleon 2020 Summer Festival and it is all FREE!



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