Raising of a New Standard

Sir Colin looks out over the River Usk


Looking forward….

Intrepid Grev & Bryan descend into the bowels of the Tower

The raising of a new standard in the Hanbury Tower marks the 20th year of the Caerleon Festival. There is much to reflect upon, including Sir Colin who maintains his steely gaze across the river.

What lies ahead? None can tell. Events eclipse expectations. Here is what is planned:

Concerts in the Spring; the Summer Festival (30th June – 10th July) – A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in the Amphitheatre,Literature on the Lawn of the Priory, Events in the Church, Bands in Pub Gardens, ‘The Big Free Weekend on both banks of the Usk – music, singing, dance, performance on the Hanbury Quayside and in the Bell Garden, Arts/Crafts/Sculpture Fair on the Festival Meadow. More will follow throughout Autumn and Winter.

Sir Colin’s hidden support

Festival volunteers will continue to develop the Wildflower Meadow and work with others to enhance the environment and promote biodiversity.

‘Celebration Time, Come On!’







Thanks to Caerleon Festival Friends and the Community for the past 20 years.

‘To infinity and beyond’.

Tim Chair


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