After a very inclement August, the weather turned favourable and the meadow started to dry out.

By the second week we were able to have it all cut, turned and baled, all done within a couple of days, and the bales were happily carted away by our friendly farmer.

The wildflower borders were left for cutting separately to keep the hay bales clean and allow the seed heads to dry out to release their seeds. We will arrange a socially separate raking up event in the next week or so. We will then sow the field with a wildflower meadow and cornfield annuals mix, and have it chain harrowed and rolled so it’s ready for next year.

Then that will be it for this year. It will mark the end of our four year programme, which saw fences and walls repaired, trees pruned, rubbish and coarse weeds cleared, and masses of wildflowers planted and sown. Some of you will no doubt remember the state the field was in before we started the project, and we thank you all for your help and Newport Council for funding us through the landfill tax fund.

Further funding for meadow maintenance will be sought over the coming year.

Bryan Dale

Caerleon Festival

Photos: D Nelmes; L Nelmes.

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