Caerleon Festival – The BIG FREE – was not to be.

This weekend, 11/12th July 2020, was to be the BIG FREE, the climax of the 18th Festival, a celebration of music, dance, entertainment, arts, crafts, exhibitions, on both banks of the river.  

Not so.  2020 has proved to be a gap year and celebrations will resume with gusto in 2021!


An extract: from a longer poem written by Cher Sherwood of Caerleon – these 2 verses, refer to a past BIG FREE:

 Fun is cancelled for the foreseeable future

July is usually the month in

Caerleon for our Festival fun.

A weekend to unwind, listen to

music & meet with everyone.


Life without music, dancing and

the arts is merely survival.

Hoping next year villagers can

gather again for it’s annual revival……….

In the meantime, a reminder of the fun – here are some images for everyone.

Photos: C. Sheehy; J. Philpott.

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