July 2020 – no Festival but a Field – a home to tiny things.


Since 2003 the month of July would normally be Festival Time, a 10+day programme of the arts and entertainment.  Sadly in 2020 that is not to be. Detailed plans remain on the drawing board.  However, we would like to offer some reassurance that all is not lost.  When it is safe to do so – hopefully what might have been will be.

In the meantime, the Festival Meadow is there for all to enjoy.  The aim to create a wild flower meadow from wasteland has been realised.  In recent weeks there has been a profusion of flowers with appreciative bees and other pollinators – a celebration of biodiversity.  The development work continues.  Here are a few images to savour and if you look hard you will see that there is more to be found in the Field than flowers!

Caerleon Festival very much appreciates the great support given by the Community via social media – it is good to keep in touch!

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Photos: C.Davidson


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