A Call from Bryan

Hello Field workers.

I know I probably said that’s it for this year’s fieldwork, and you’re all busy preparing for Christmas, but I’m sure you’d want to help clear up a bit so our meadow can look like this next Summer, or even better.

The wonderful Wildflower Earth borders, you so diligently laid over the last couple of years will Spring back into life next year (they’re mostly perennials), but will be greatly helped if we cut and clear the old growth around the field edges.

If we don’t, they might struggle to compete with the coarser plants (nettle, bindweed, etc.).

It’s hard to believe, but the border beds will shoot back into life next Spring, just watch them and you can help with a little bit of TLC.

This Sunday 1st December 2019 at the reasonable time of 11am.

The sun will shine, the work will be light, and in the middle of this very wet Winter, you’ll be able to join with fellow field workers, remember the splendour of the Summer just gone, and anticipate the glory of the one to come next year.

See you there!


Bryan Dale




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