Caerleon Festival visitors who come from afar!

Harry & Elisabeth Kachline

With Tim, Chair and Paul team member.

For almost too many years to count Caerleon has annually welcomed two returning visitors who, like summer swallows, come to soak up the atmosphere of the Big Free weekend.

Their enthusiasm is apparent to all who meet them.

They have a passionate interest in visiting the Festival Field, to be part of the Caerleon crowd, to see the craftsmanship on show and to listen to the wide range of music there. They enjoy it all.

So what is unusual in this?

Harry & Elisabeth Kachline travel every year from Anchorage, Alaska in the far North West corner of the USA. Their enthusiasm and appreciation for all things Welsh is apparent. They travel widely throughout Wales, making sure on each occasion that they arrive in time for the Caerleon Festival Big Free weekend.

With Chris Wood Caerleon Festival’s sculptor

Elisabeth, her name is spelt the Welsh way she assures me, recently retired as an elementary teacher and is accompanied by her husband Harry, a retired engineer technician, who also shares his wife’s enthusiasm for the land of the Celts and for the Caerleon Festival in particular.

Long may they make the Caerleon Pilgrimage – we will be keeping an eye out for their return in 2019 and shouting out a big HI!



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