May update of Wildflower Meadow

Project Grow Wild, organised by The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

The Gateway Project has supplied kits to the comprehensive and primary schools of Caerleon. They are growing plug plants as last year, but this time they are all wildflowers (no grasses or reluctant yellow rattle, honest). Again they will pot on their plug plants into fibre pots during the Festival weekend, ready for planting into the field in due course.

There are five different mixes of seeds in each kit, and five cells in each propagator, so five is the magic number.

It is recommended you take a look at:

Bryan Dale Director – Field Operations, Caerleon Festival
Celf Caerleon Arts Community Interest Company Reg. No.8625012


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2 responses to “May update of Wildflower Meadow”

  1. Jakki says:

    Hi there, I’m interested but wondered if it will be costly to clear the grass area I have at the front and get good quality top soil in order to then plant these on.

    Can someone advise on this?

    Many thanks


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