Hanbury Quay BIG FREE – Rogora Khart review

Rogora Khart – punk rock with outrageous make-up and songs such as “Love Like Vodka”,

“Humdigaro” and “Bettws Bhangra” were, as ever, a full-frontal assault on all the senses!

They lived up to their reputation at the Hanbury Quay on Saturday evening – drawing in a crowd who was determined to enjoy one of the last of the Big Free events of that day. Wild dancing, exotic music that transformed the atmosphere of the Usk river banks. http://www.rogorakhart.com/index.html

Photographer – Ronnie Sutcliffe took full advantage of the event to capture some excellent shots. See our Gallery:

https://www.facebook.com/ronnie.sutcliffe.52 https://twitter.com/RonnieHoodfoto

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