Mowing the Meadow

On Thursday 23rd June at 8am, Referendum Day – deep concern – can the Festival Field, a meadow in the making, be cut in time for the Summer Festival?

Right on cue – Kate Mobbs Morgan of “Rowan Working Horses” and friends arrive with Ardennes horses to the rescue.  Apart from a short break for a ploughman’s lunch in the Hanbury Arms car park the team worked through until 2pm.

All mown with the help of an “Amish” cutter drawn by a two horsepower “engine” with a seated Kate in control.

Horses KIPP and SOL ages 12 and 8 were the subject of much attention and the stars of the show.

Despite the disturbance of many field mice and frogs none were harmed in the cutting.

What a great way to mow a meadow!

Tim Davidson Chair

Video and Photographs by Max Perkins; Jake Lior; Heather Morgan; Catherine Philpott.

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