Jawahir Dance Troup

Jawahir have been performing at this amazing Festival for over 15yrs bringing vibrance, energy and colour to even the greyest of days. 

They are known at the Festival for their colourful costumes, dramatic headdresses and upbeat music.  Most of the dances are chorigraphed by Jawahir members except for the traditional folk dances. 

Jawahir are all local women who combine the best of folk traditions with modern influences from around the world.  They have been inspired by styles from North Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Armenia, the Balkans and more. 

They love dancing and you can see them with their swords, sticks, tambourines, zills and veils depending on what mood they’re in. 

Do please come and join them at the end of their set for a wiggle and a shimmy!!

The Jawahir Dance Troup is available for fun workshops, festivals, fetes and if you fancy joining them don’t hesitate to come up and have a chat.

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