Côr y Dreigiau

Côr y Dreigiau 

In the summer of 2006, a call went out for supporters of all the four regions of Rugby…. could you sing in support for your region?

Over 80 people answered the call for what was then The Newport Gwent Dragons, for the new S4C reality show Codi Canu.

Under the guidance of choir masters Cefin and Rhian Roberts and Tim Rhys-Evan,Côr y Dreigiau, The Dragons Choir, rehearsed for months in the hope of winning the ultimate prize, to sing the National Anthem at the Wales vs England match in the Millennium Stadium.

For months the supporters battled through obstacles facing them, many choir members learning new skills and others dusting off old ones that hadn’t been used since their school days.

With the unique and fun way the choir masters taught them, they tackled each and every challenge that came their way.

On 17th March, 2007, Côr y Dreigiau  sang their hearts out for their region, winning the competition and sang with pride the Welsh National Anthem in front of a capacity crowd of over 70,000 people.

Seventeen years later the choir is still going strong and after a three-year break due to covid, they are thrilled to be back singing at Rodney Parade in support of the Dragons.

They sing at weddings, charity events, and local community events. Their varied repertoire includes both Welsh and English songs and ranges from songs which are well-known amongst rugby supporters, to traditional Welsh hymns and more contemporary songs from across the decades. Always on the look out for new members, especially men. The ability to speak Welsh, whilst helpful, is not a prerequisite as songs are learnt phonetically.  

Rehearsals are roughly twice monthly at Llanyrafon Primary School, Cwmbran from 7pm – 9pm. If you are interested in joining them, or would like them to perform at an event, or just want to learn more – please make contact:


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