Ampersand is a collective band incorporating musicians from Newport and South Wales, functioning as a platform for all genres of musicians to come together and blend their unique musical tastes.  Music is to feel, not just to hear.

It is an eclectic band that loves playing music to everyones taste. It plays mainly reggae, rock, soul and fun.

Lindsey Freckleton created the band to help showcase Newports artists and bring back the joy of music. Lindsey started in Newport and was brought up on gospel music. A session muso in London bands playing gigs all over the UK.

To hear more of Ampersand they play at Panteg House in Pontypool every Monday @ 8pm. 

Do join our collective and find us on INSTAGRAM: @ampersand_collab

Lindsey Freckleton, Founder of Ampersand Collective.

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