The BIG FREE Snakey Buckle


Snakey Buckle is a three-piece band performing 50’s/60’s and 70’s covers, rock/blues/soul and more. They have decades of experience and love what they do.

Snakey Buckle is a three-piece band consisting of:

Allan Horton on lead guitar and vocals,

Andy Gibbon on bass guitar and vocals,

Graham Jones on drums and vocals.

One of the members is from Newport, the other from Pontypool.

Snakey Buckle have played rock/blues and soul covers from the 50’s/60’s & 70’s at a variety of different venues throughout South Wales and have been doing so since the 60’s.

They continue to enjoy performing and entertaining to a live audience and a mere pandemic has not deterred them.

Snakey Buckle looks forward to seeing you all at the 20th Caerleon Festival.

Buckle is up for a great show.



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