Sarah McQuaid

Sarah McQuaid

Sarah McQuaid

One of the most instantly recognisable voices in current music … Shades of Joni Mitchell in a jam with Karen Carpenter and Lana Del Rey.” Trust The Doc

“She reached parts other singers fail to do … There is emotion, beauty, passion and musically great arrangements and fab playing. It’s a complete package. I loved the show and was very moved.” —Rob Bozas, Bozas International (Publisher, Peter Gabriel/Real World)

“Captivating, unorthodox songwriting … layered satin vocals … enthralling, harrowing arrangements … a gateway into a true innovator’s soul.” Pop Matters

“I’ve attended hundreds of concerts of all kinds, and her subtle mastery onstage launches her straight into my fave shows ever.” Huffington Post.


Sarah has a new album coming out on 15th October, and here are two promo videos about the making of the album, including snippets of songs and instrumentals featuring a variety of styles and instruments:

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