The BIG FREE Peel Your Own Spuds

PEEL YOUR OWN SPUDS  “rattle out” Irish music, which has an uplifting, influence on an audience. This genre of music gets hands clapping and feet tapping, which is a unique style of music and performance found in Wales.

The original music has been best described by the media as “rip roaring” Irish music. It is influenced by the like of the Pogues and Dubliner’s among many. The songs can tell a story as in “Get me Out of Here” or “Fare Thee Well”, be autobiographical as in “Casey’s March” or in contrast can deal with social or economic issues of the day as in “Let it Pour”.

The effect that this genre of music has on the audience is magical. The atmosphere at a “Spuds” gig is indeed uplifting. Inhibitions are left behind; the music has this intranasal effect on many, encouraging them from the dark corners of the auditoriums to the dance floor! Brilliant craic!

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