BIG FREE – TaffyWasAThief

Its always exciting, ebullient and entertaining – if at times ‘edgy’ and more frequently, ribald!! Percussion man, ‘The Beast’ Morgan demonstrates unique noise making gifts supporting the solidly awesome guitar work of ‘Wiffa’ Smith added to by either the harmonica or saxophone of frontman Pete Ak. They have been alive for 5 years, never shying away from the acronym their band name reveals, indeed they celebrate it with tongues pretty clearly well in cheek!! In songs and chat they tell stories, entertain and raise laughter as much as encourage dancing feet and nodding heads.

The Summer of 2016 sees them appearing at festivals and venues both sides of the Severn Bridge and feels much like a new start with a recording project underway and promoters keen to get a taste of their ingenious songs, their musicianship and sheer entertainment value.

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