Catrin Finch Harpist

In the depths of the pandemic, internationally renowned harpist Catrin Finch turned 40 and, unable to perform for live audiences, reflected on her musical career as she entered a new decade. Having presented The Harp’s Journey, a three-part series for BBC Radio 3 in 2021, Catrin decided to take her 35-year career on the post-COVID road in The Story So Far, an 80-minute trip through the musical life of one of the world’s finest and most fearless harpists.

Join Catrin as she journeys through the adventures and sounds of the music that’s most important to her, woven with anecdotes, chat and insights into the life of an extraordinary harpist. From the most sublime Claire de Lune by Debussy, through Piazzola’s tangos to the fiery joropo of Colombian cowboys and serenity of traditional Welsh folk tunes, the extraordinary diversity and range of harp and harpist make for a wonderful evening in the company of Catrin Finch.

Tickets £15 per person


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