Big Sky

Big Sky

Big Sky is a local band that plays roots rock infused with touches of blues, country and psychedelia and one of the few bands containing brothers who have not had an on-stage altercation, yet,

It started life as an acoustic 3-piece about 10 years ago and has slowly transformed into a fully electric 4-piece with the current line-up having been together for just over 6 years.

The group covers everything from traditional folk to classic rock, stopping off at most points in between and also perform their own material having played a gig at Bristol’s prestigious venue ‘The Fleece’.

Andy plays electric guitars, enhanced through his synthesised box of tricks.

Phil handles  the bottom end on bass along with his magnificent electric wardrobe.

Jem is the band’s latest addition, drummer and brother of founder member, singer, acoustic guitarist  and keyboard player, Julian*.

Big Sky will be playing a full electric set for the Festival on Sunday afternoon at the St Julian’s Inn. The singer is quite happy to have a pub named after himself*.

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