Swingin’ Bill’s Vintage Revue

Swingin’ Bill’s Vintage Revue is an energetic and highly entertaining six-piece musical act that appeals to all ages, covering classic songs written by the likes of Louis Prima, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Jordan, Jackie Wilson, Nina Simone, Cab Calloway and Ray Charles.

Over the course of decades spent in the music business the band’s members have played everywhere from village halls to stages at all of the big festivals, and have both provided support for and played with a number of big name acts.

The music they play is a mixture of jumping jive, rhythm ‘n’ blues, swing, boogie-woogie and jazz standards (with dashes of rock ‘n’ roll, ragtime and even the odd show tune thrown in to leaven the mix), and is bound to get your audience smiling, tapping their toes, and singing along.


This is a NIGHT OUT funded gig.



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