The BIG FREE Bluesfire


is 17 years old and an excellent blues, rock guitarist and vocalist and has been playing guitar since he was 5 years old. Was quoted by Bob Richards as being “one of the best blues guitarists in 20 years”.

Alex gives a wonderful performance, great heavy riffs and solos bursting with massive energy. He can play the most beautiful of guitar solos to the most intense and powerful solos that will blow you away. He expresses very unique ideas in his identity as a musician. Alex has toured Phuket, Thailand.

has over 20 years keyboard-playing experience as a blues pianist, is a Hammond organ lover and player. In 2001 Rafal achieved, the award of TOP KEYBOARD PLAYER, taking first place in his city and provincial competition. He also took 5th place in POLAND’s Nationwide Music School Competition Festival.

Rafal has great stage experience and a wonderful feeling for blues.
His playing brings soul to their music with his highly energized, breathtaking solos!
Rafal was previously the main Hammond and piano player in the famous Polish blues rock band “EVEN“. In this band he toured, studio recorded and played dozens of gigs across Poland.

The band finally folded in 2010.

is a fantastic drummer with 50+ years of experience. He can build great, powerful blues and rock beats with excellent timing. Paul is also one of the most reliable drummers on stage. His feeling for groove is outstanding – he really plays with passion, whilst his drumming cannot go unnoticed, you will definitely know his sound! He loves a wide range of music from 60’s rock ‘n roll to some of the successful modern rock bands today.

 is a brilliant bassist carrying a great thick tone and creates a very groovy bass line that makes the band sound huge. Gary is also a very reliable bassist providing solid foundation to the band.

With Paul, Gary makes one of the most solid combinations for rhythm, consistency and reliability. Besides he is also a lovely guy and has a lot of passion as a person.


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