The BIG FREE Val Newman Landscape Painter

Val Newman

The British landscape is beautiful and fragile.  Val Newman is constantly fascinated by the magical effects of light, flickering through branches or changing the colours of hills from gold to black in an instant.

The landscape is full of hidden stories, past dramas and secret liaisons.  Sometimes it has a brooding stillness, bordering on the eerie – other times it is open and sunny, bathed in birdsong. Val attempts to recreate these sensations in her work.

Graduating last summer with a first class honours degree from University College, Weston, her final year project was to bring family history into the landscape by researching the backgrounds of various family members and placing them in a landscape or scene,  appropriate to them but with in a contemporary style. She has exhibited both locally and with the RWA.

For Caerleon, Val Newman have produced a collage incorporating the myth of King Arthur and is available to undertake commissions.



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