The BIG FREE Arianne Seignot

Arianne Seignot is a professional musician, graduating from the British Institute of Modern Music in 2016 with a degree in song writing.

Before studying for the degree she spent 6 years in the Cwmbran and Newport music industry and even busking in Cwmbran and Newport town centres.

Arianne Seignot has performed in venues such as Cardiff City Stadium and Cardiff Castle, and singing at many festivals up and down the country. She has been in a flexible hiatus for the past three years, but will never turn down an opportunity to perform at the Caerleon Arts Festival.

She writes songs that reflect her own experiences in life, taking inspiration from Fleetwood Mac, Nuala Honan and Norah Jones and I also enjoying performing well-known covers, that audiences of all ages and walks of life can enjoy and sing along to.

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