What is it…….?

The MARI LWYD (the Grey Mare) Hen Galan* is a pre-Christian tradition said to bring good luck.

Traditionally people would make a horse figure from a horse’s skull, with decorative ears and eyes attached. They adorned it with colourful reins, bells, and ribbons and wrapped it with a white sheet that was carried around on a pole.

The Mari Lwyd and its party would go door-to-door, singing and challenging the families inside to a battle of rhyming insults in Welsh. At the end of the battle of wits (pwnco) the group would be invited into the house for refreshments.

Here in Caerleon the recently revived tradition that is going from strength to strength will, for the first time, have a home-grown team on board with a new magical MARI LWYD.

Sat 12th Jan Mari Lwyd Hen Galan* Caerleon starting @ 6.00pm from the BELL a torch lit procession to the SHIP, WHITE HART, THE DOG HOUSE & the HANBURY ARMS noson lawen** @ the HANBURY 9.00pm



*Hen Galan, the celebration of the Welsh New Year….**Nosen Lawen is  a party with music


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