The BIG FREE Ian Luther

Ian Luther is making a welcome return to the Caerleon Festival. It is impossible to pigeon-hole him into any single music genre: he has created his own from a lifetime of listening and performing around the UK and Europe.

It takes masterful musicianship to combine different styles of music into a ‘must hear’ experience, and right there we have the key to what makes Ian a star in waiting. There are many master musicians who would sacrifice some of their mastery for an ounce of the engaging, entertaining ability that Ian brings to any stage performance. What he does simply works. Masterful – yes, but more than that, he creates those priceless ‘remember that night’ memories that live with us fondly forever.

Mike Longley – BBC Wales Head of Music 2012 – “Ian Luther‘s personality is pure electric as are his stage performances.”

Geoff Downes – Asia, Yes, The Buggles – “Ian is a complete one-off and deserves full recognition for his originality.”

Experience Ian for yourself. The blazing versions of rock classics are enough for many, but that would be selling him short. His own compositions will get into your head – guaranteed. 

Luther, Ian’s family name, is a derivative of ‘lute player’, so you could say he is just following his destiny. Ian has extensive touring experience at home and abroad, playing everywhere from lively city venues to Glastonbury Festival


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