Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale


The Festival Players Theatre Company’s 2018 Tour

The Winter’s Tale is a play by William Shakespeare and has been grouped among the comedies, and often relabelled as being one of Shakespeare’s late romances. Written in his later years, it is an intriguing mix of drama and comedy. Sparked by an obsessive envy of a perceived relationship between his Queen and his oldest friend, Leontes, King of Sicilia, sets in motion a train of events which affect two kingdoms and two generations; there is jealousy and joy, revenge and romance, loss and discovery, remorse and revelry, and an amazing revelation.

Tremendous entertainment for a summer evening from this premier professional all-male company, it will be played out in the open-air setting of the ancient stones that is the amphitheatre making for a rare and memorable experience.

A bar and food, available by courtesy of the Priory Hotel, will be on site. All you will need to bring is a folding chair, rug and good cheer!

Monmouthshire and Newport Community Choir will give a performance from           6.15pm-7.00pm prior to The Winter’s Tale at 7.30pm


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