The BIG FREE Keith Christmas

Keith Christmas released his latest CD ‘Crazy Dancing Days’ in December 2016 – early versions of 8 songs that were posted on the internet have been played over 47,000 times, 14,000 of them an appeal for tolerance to refugees, ‘Cross the Water’.

Some Album Reviews for Crazy Dancing Days:

ROOTS ***** A powerful and impassioned album by a ’60s survivor with a bellyful of righteous fire.

MOJO **** A star of Bowie’s Beckenham Arts Lab, and sporadic DB collaborator, raspy cult folkie Christmas returns with this open-tuned emotional outpouring – autobiographical, political, haunting – and it’s his finest since the 70’s

FAN: Fabulous, beautiful & thought provoking songs with a mix of retrospective & state of the moment themes, Jaw-dropping guitar picking!

Keith Christmas



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