BIG FREE – Drumazepam

Drumazepam – drumming to support mental well being, like diazepam but without the side effects.

They are a small African drumming group, formed in 2014 to initially help people with mental issues after one of the founding members realised that the drumming helped her to focus thoughts and relieve anxiety. The original drummers found being part of the group and playing the drums improved their mental health, gaining confidence, self-esteem and learning new skills. It has now been agreed to open up the group to all.

We now have 12 members and will welcome anyone wishing to join us on Tuesday 7:30pm ‘til 9:00 pm at the Settlement, Pontypool, Tuesdays. If you don’t have your own drums, please contact Larrie on 07770 961165 to book a drum.

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