Early Summer Meadow Mow

Early Meadow Mow

As a warm up to this year’s Festival, the 21st, beginning on Thursday 29th June, paths were mowed and cleared to the sculptures and benches in the Meadow so that visitors can enjoy wild flowers close up. The weather was fabulous and plenty of volunteers joined in.

It is hoped that there will be many flowers to be seen, following our wide spread seeding last Autumn. (see previous News item).

A list of all the 34 different plants that have been introduced into the meadow will be on the noticeboard for all to see. Find out how many can be spotted by using Google Image or Apps such as Wild Flower Id.

The Meadow team are sure that no one needs to be reminded that the urge to pick the flowers must be resisted, so that they remain in place for all to enjoy.

Bryan Dale 23 May 2023

Photos: J.Lior


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