Farmers’ Market – Saturday 11th December – Review

Fr Christmas called by

Christmas came to Caerleon!  After an enforced break the Market was back!

In the Town Hall enthusiasm was the mood of the day as customers, in a steady stream, negotiated the one way system to view the impressive array of goodies and gifts on display.  Business was brisk.  Smiles were discernible beneath masks.  The Community came together.  Lorraine serenaded us with seasonal music on the harp.  Santa visited early and a warm welcome ensured he stayed all day, ho hoing around the Hall and noting wish lists as he went.  Traffic flow was monitored by the radio communications team led by ‘Danny Boy’ and ‘Broadsword’.

At the conclusion, Santa drew the winning tickets for the Draw before sliding off (on his sleigh).  Exhibitors and the Festival Team drew this memorable day to a contented close.

Special thanks to our exhibitors, all who came, Gary, And the Festival Team including Lol& Henry, the organisers; Barbara (raffles); Pete, Nicola, Colin (Communications); Dianne & Paul (PA & Sounds); Chris T (SC); Chris P, Bryan, Wilf, Catherine P, Catherine D, Suzanne, David, Lynne, Greville, Angela, Jake, Paul R.

Tim Chair


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