Caerleon Comp School from HOME – their ART

The Caerleon Festival invited the Art Dept. staff of the Caerleon Comprehensive School and/or the students themselves to send in work that is being carried out at home during this period of isolation from friends, school and other social activities.

The Festival has been overwhelmed by the extraordinary talent shown in the work that has, so far, been submitted. Imagination, skill, use of media, all come into play.

Firstly – the unlikely combination of Colonel Tom Moore and in one case with the lowly loo roll resulting in these amazing results.

Well done the students whose ages range from Yr 7 through to Yr 13.

Lily Lewis Yr

Ellie Grant Y13a

Ellie Grant Y13


Isabella Watkins Y12

Lily Lewis Y11

Leah Jukes Y13 Cpt Tom Loo roll combined

Millie Keyse Y12

Molly Miller Y11


Sophie Cound Y12

Sophie Hill Y12

Tom Dance Y13



Keep them coming – send to [email protected] – we will take great pleasure in showcasing the results.


Click on the thumbnails below to show a larger image.

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6 responses to “Caerleon Comp School from HOME – their ART”

  1. Jennifer Baker says:

    Oh my goodness they are all absolutely amazing such talent.

    • Caerleon Arts says:

      Hi Jennifer – many thanks for your comment. We agree and very pleased to be able to give some publicity
      Catherine P Admin.

  2. Kathryn Evans says:

    Wow! What talent there is displayed here! Thank you so much for sharing. ❤️

    • Caerleon Arts says:

      We are very happy to showcase the art work of Caerleon Comprehensive. Agree the talent shown is extraordinary.
      Catherine P Admin.

  3. Sarah Scott says:

    Some outstanding artistry skills on show, in particular Sophie Hill’s drawing of the late great Captain Tom.

    • Caerleon Arts says:

      We agree – always hugely impressed at the standard of work that continues to come from Caerleon Schools
      Catherine P Admin.

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