Installations at the Lodge Primary School

Some Festival supporters may remember in 2008 that DAWNY TOOTES, with her casting workshop, worked on the Festival Field. She produced wonderful castings of drawings made in the sand by pupils of the Lodge Junior School, possibly something never done before.

It took a while to clean the castings up and prepare them for installation, but in 2012 they were attached to the old building, and very good they looked.

When it was known that the Lodge Primary School was going to have a completely new school building, the contractors were contacted and advised on how to remove and re-install the castings which was done very successfully, completing the building last autumn.

Bryan, Tim, Greville & Wilf (CF) took a look for themselves, and were extremely pleased to see how well the castings had been installed; still looking like new, even though 11yrs old. We are sure everyone will agree.


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