LOST LIVES – some selected items from the temporary exhibition in St Cadoc’s Church

Chris Thomas, historian with a great interest in local history gathered material and staged the LOST LIVES exhibition that supported the CAERLEON REMEMBERS event.

He researched the lives of 31 men who lost their lives in the First World War and commemorated on the war memorial in St Cadoc’s Church.

It opened up a fascinating window on 1914 Caerleon and posed for Chris many more questions than answers. Further painstaking research is needed. He says that this study could be developed further through more research, but the question depends on what the end objective would be, perhaps a further local exhibition, a short publication of the existing material or a fuller, more scholarly, article for publication.

Chris would like to acknowledge his wife, Sue Thomas for design and presentation and Stephen Lyons, a local genealogist, for their assistance.


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