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12.00     The Sonic Kicks. Rock, Pop, Punk & Indie Band

1.00        Tiny Toes Ballet. Cardiff, Newport & Abergavenny

1.40        Isobel Lewis-Jarvis. Indie Folk Singer

2.30        Morfa. Young Welsh Trio. Traditional Tunes, Songs & Clog

3.20        Aled Hughes. Acoustic Pop, Folk, Rock&Roll & Indie

4.15        TaffyWasAThief. The Blues of the World Wrapped in the Dirt of the Valleys

5.15        Jawahir. Middle Eastern Dance Group

6.05        Big Sky. Folk Rock Band

7.05        Arianne Seignot. Singer/Guitarist Soul, Pop & Folk

7.55        Baffl. Band Performing Toe-Tapping Twisted Space-Funk Grooves

9.00        Dinning & Co. Indie, Folk & Country Music

10.00     Free Beer. Classic Rock & Pop Band


12.00     ‘Snakey Buckle’. Rock, Blues, Pop & a Little Soul

1.00        Harriet Kennerley.   Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter

2.00        Platform 1. Modern Melodic Folk Band

3.00        FolkLaw. Exhilarating New Age Folk, Rock Band

4.00        Jawahir. Middle Eastern Dance Group

4.50        Yaz Turan. Acoustic Singer & Songwriter

5.25        Kings of Caerleon. Rock&Roll Cover Band

6.25        Omega Two (Jane Williams & Pete Mathison) Jazz, Blues, Soul & Pop

7.15        Healey, Rowlands & Haywood. Acoustic Blues

8.05        Rob Connolly. Acoustic Folk, Pop, Rock&Roll Band

9.05        Richard Robling. Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

10.00     Tres Hombres. Classic Rock, Soul & Blues Band


12.30     Drumazepam. African Drumming Group

1.20      Phil Millichip  Contemporary Folk Singer

2.10        Newport Folk Club. Tanglewood, Greg Rowlands, Roy Zeal

3.10        LivvyAnarchy. Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer & Songwriter

4.00        Omega Two.  Jazz, Blues, Soul & Pop

5.00        Shannon & James. Indie Folk Acoustic





12.00     iShine Performing Arts

1.00        The Blues Sisters. Swing, Rhythm, Rock&Roll, Country & Blues Band

2.00        Ragsy. Acoustic Singer/Songwriter

3.00        Retrospect. Band Covering Music from Every Decade

4.10        Jack Perrett. Indie Rock&Roll

5.00        Jawahir.   Middle Eastern Dance Group

5.50        Stoney Broke. Contemporary Covers Band

7.00        Oxbowlake. Folk Band

8.00        Lloyd Warren. Acoustic Singer & Guitarist

9.00        Rokgrass. Hillbilly Rock – Covers of Popular Songs

10.00     Pyramid. Pop & Rock Covers Band from the 60’s to Modern Day


12.00      Bluesfire. Blues & Rock Band

1.00        Amairgin the Gael. Celtic Music

2.00        Ian Lynn Palmer. Singer/Guitarist Folk/Alt Country with a Hint of Blues

2.50        The Gut Bucket String Band.

3.40        Jawahir. Middle Eastern Dance Group

4.30        Synergy A-Cappella. Close Harmony Male Voice Choir

5.15        Stephen the Busker. Acoustic Guitarist

6.10        Côr Afon Lwyd. Welsh Folk Choir

7.00        ‘Shimai’. Duo Performing Acoustic Folk/Rock Harmonies

7.50        Ian Luther. Acoustic Guitarist Singer & Songwriter

8.45        Tarion. Female Band playing Original Songs with Latin Rhythms



12.35     Sax for Fun. Saxophone Workshop Band

1.25        Quince. Multi-Instrumentalist, including the Harp Guitar

2.15        Velha Bataria. Samba Band followed by the Afro Gwent Collective. African Drumming

3.20        Gwent Accordion Club

4.20        Lloyd Warren. Acoustic Singer & Guitarist

5.00        Gatecrashers Acoustic Covers Band, Light Rock, Blues & Country Music


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