Latest news of the ‘Gateway’ Meadow

Winter is nearly over, spring is just around the corner and we will soon be back in our field and with some excellent NEWS!

We have just had our funding application approved covering the next two years of our ‘Gateway project to turn our field:

“From wasteland to wild flower meadow”

…..….and here’s how we’re going to do it.

The people who made the wild flower landscape at the 2012 Olympics Games site have developed special material and we’re going to be the first to use it in this part of Wales, have a look at this item:

 View our new Wildflower Earth time-lapse video

But note, where they use one bag, we’ll be using 8 bags!

A similar area will be applied the following spring, mainly along the rear of the garage site and Bridge Cottage, the amphitheatre end of the field and up in the corner by Hanbury Cottage.

The aim will be to start work in early March and hope, with your help, to get the material in place, raked, rolled and watered by the end of the month, and there should be flowers by June, perhaps a bit like this?

So dig out wellies, boots, gloves and rakes and stand by for further details. The aim is for two weekend work sessions when the field has been prepared and the weather has brightened up.

Bryan Dale Director – Field Operations

Celf Caerleon Arts Community Interest Company Reg. No.8625012                                                           Enrolled ENTRUST Environmental Body – EB number 980651

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