a’Plantin’ and a’Sowin’ in the Field – update

Recently, Festival stalwarts arrived on the field and carried out some intense planting and sowing, getting the job done by midday.

Around 150 plant plugs were sunk into what was quite stony soil, and £560 worth of seeds were scattered across the ground just before the rain came to soak it all in.

Following on, pupils from Caerleon Lodge Hill Primary School once again showed their keen interest in helping with our Gateway Project – “Wasteland to Wild Flower Meadow”, which is supported by the Landfill Communities Fund.

The pupils first sowed the wild flower seeds into the propagators we provided them last spring. The seeds flourished and were well looked after. During the Summer Festival, they brought the plants to the Gateway Project marquee in the field, where they enthusiastically potted them on ready for planting.

Recently they returned to the field to complete the job, planting the fibre pots into the ground in a cunning layout which, with luck, will produce next spring, the name of their school – LODGE, so keep your eyes peeled.

More work will continue around both entrances to the field in the coming months, where we hope to achieve actual flowering wild flowers also next spring.


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