Richard Digance – Review

Richard Digance, in concert at Llanhennock

Richard Digance, once described as a “National Treasure” in view of his memorable appearances in a string of TV series, concerts and festivals over the years, paid yet another visit to see us in the cosy atmosphere of Llanhennock Village Hall – the only venue, he says, where he plays in front of an open fire.

As well as entertaining us with his guitar skills and distinctive brand of folk music, the jokes came thick and fast. One of the main butts of his humour seemed to be his late Dad, whose somewhat negative comments on life inspired the song “What’s the Use of Anything, When You Ain’t Got Nothing At All“, and summed up what appeared to be a difficult father/son relationship.

A few revelations were made in the course of the evening, like the time he was sacked by the BBC for making what they regarded as a tasteless comment on live television about a celebrity who had just died.

He also recalled his joke about Captain Pugwash’s crew, in which his renaming of them as Master Bates, Seaman Stains and Roger the Cabin Boy led to a 25 year court injunction, preventing him from repeating it.

And he tested the audience with a quiz question- who was the first cartoon character? It was in fact Rupert Bear and that led, inevitably, to yet another song.

His supporting act, Eric Sedge, who is beginning to build up a promising career as a folk singer, gave us a flavour of the sort of music he performs in Suffolk pubs.

All in all a great treat for us, and a tribute to organiser Greville Hunt’s lifelong networking with the stars of the folk world.

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