It’s time for Autumn planting & sowing – update

Now that the field has been given its autumn mowing, all we’ve got to do now is plant and sow this lot!

The plug plants are the result of our collective sowing and potting on over the summer. We’ll be getting some of the Junior school children who sowed them in the Spring to plant them in.The bags are this season’s wild flower field seeds from Gwent Wildlife’s Pentwyn Farm.

The seeds are bought in, and it’s time to sow them!

So how about this coming Saturday 30th September at 10am in the field?

No more heavy raking and lifting, just a bit of plug hole making and some gentle scattering of seeds *



Click on the thumbnails below to show a larger image.

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2 responses to “It’s time for Autumn planting & sowing – update”

  1. I can come and help on Sunday 1st October.

    • Caerleon Arts says:

      Hi Peter Bryan has brought the day to plant seeds forward to tomorrow SATURDAY 30th Sept since the weather is promising to be better than Sunday – time still at 10.00am

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