Caerleon Festival – 2018 and beyond?

The highly successful 15th Annual Summer Festival is still a recent memory.  Volunteers have barely recovered from their exertions in July and yet, already, thoughts are turning to 2018 and the 16th Festival.  

The planning process is under way – be assured the “hamster wheel” is revolving and ideas and opportunities are taking shape.  2018 – the hundredth anniversary of the Armistice that ended the Great War “to end all wars” is of course one important consideration.  There are others.  The aim will be to create a programme of events that is ambitious, broad in scope and of course high in quality.

In the meantime, work continues on our “GATEWAY PROJECT” – to transform the Hanbury Field from wasteland to wild flower meadow.

Throughout the summer volunteers have been clearing the field and preparing the ground.  Whilst enjoying the cycleway you may have noticed the trimming of trees and the filling of skips (kindly provided by GD Environmental).  Work continues on this long-term project and there will be many opportunities to help – it’s a great way to keep fit.

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Tim Davidson Festival Chair



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3 responses to “Caerleon Festival – 2018 and beyond?”

  1. Marc baker says:

    Just a question why August an not July like other years ☎️ thanks Marc

    • Caerleon Arts says:

      The 2018 Caerleon Festival will take place, as has become customary, next July. The last posting, written this month, refers to 2017 Festival that took place in July.

  2. Sue says:

    The mix of literature and music is great and something for everyone

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