Return to Caerleon of the MARI LYWD New Year 2017



Gallery photos: Joe Sullivan

See gallery of photos below recording the ancient Welsh tradition of Hen Galan that was celebrated in style on Saturday night in Caerleon. The Mari Lywd made an appearance and was welcomed warmly to great applause in the White Hart Inn. There followed a torch lit procession over the bridge to finish outside the Bell Inn in Ultra Pontem.  The Mari was coaxed in with a small ale, thus evil sprits were vanquished for another year. A Noson Lawen then followed, led by the Dai Bach band supported by many visiting musicians from far and wide.

The Mari will return next year on Saturday 13th January 2018



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3 responses to “Return to Caerleon of the MARI LYWD New Year 2017”

  1. Rhisiart says:

    Yr Hyddgen, Hanes Gwerin a Theatr Gymunedol played the Mari and the Hen Dyn and the Chieftain singer of the Pwnc ( The Singing Challenge), the benevolent old man of the woods led the Mari.
    The Mari party consists of, the Chieftain, who tells every one the tale of the Mari very briefly , and starts the Pwnc singing.
    The Dyn Glas or Greenman, a deity of of the Syllwg ,(Silures) and keeper of the Mari.
    The Cadi, half man half woman represents the balance of life and universe.
    The Chaos twins, that represent chaos in life and Universe.
    The Lwyd (Grey) Mari ( Mare,) Is White but in Welsh ancient tradition, it is very unlucky to Call it white, so it is called Grey, which in Welsh tradition means magical.
    The Mari is the Welsh Horse Goddess called Rhiannon, she is from our ancient tales of the Mabinogi.
    Nigel sang the Pwnco or the repose.
    The singing battle between the Mari party and those in the dwelling can last up to 40 verses, in a Welsh poetic meter called Cynhanedd ; Cynghanedd groes (“cross-harmony”)

    All consonants surrounding the main stressed vowel before the caesura must be repeated after it in the same order. However, the final consonants of the final words of each half of the line must be different, as must the main stressed vowel of each half. For example:

    clawdd i ddal / cal ddwy ddwylaw
    CL Dd Dd L / C L Dd Dd L
    But in allowing the Magical Horse into your dwelling, it is a good thing because when she leaves all evil and bad luck leaves with her, she collects it and makes it good again, even though she can be naughty to the extent of throwing soot about a sitting room if Cwrw (beer) is not offered as a gift of her presence.

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