Review: Midsummer Night’s Dream

The Rain or Shine Company, who are willing to perform in all weathers, arrived in Caerleon in the middle of a rarely experienced mini-heat wave. A Midsummer Night’s Dream, full as ever of floral imagery, frolics in the forest, brutal practical joking, teenage hormone angst and ultimate reconciliation was executed with verbal fluency and impressive gymnastic antics by this popular travelling company. The sequinned fairy folk sparkled like Pearly Kings and Queens and the romantic mix ups, engineered by mischievous Puck and manipulative Oberon, saw the four young lovers behaving like tired and emotional teenagers on a Saturday night, squabbling in the street after an evening’s clubbing.

Slapstick comedy, musical wit and boundless energy characterised this production – all in all an engaging performance in the magical setting of the garden of the Wheatsheaf, with stunning views over Wentwood Forest.

Max Perkins



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