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The Caerleon Festival - now resting!

A BIG thank you to our performers, guests, presenters and stall holders - but most importantly YOU - who have attended in your thousands to make this one of our most successful Festivals ever. We have host of photos to share with you and they will be available shortly through our Archive pages.


Christmas comes early to Caerleon this year!  Don't miss it!  Yes, Christmas officially commences in Caerleon on Saturday the 13th December.  Why delay the celebrations?

A programme packed with delights awaits you.

It all starts at 10am with the CAERLEON FESTIVAL FARMERS' MARKET in the TOWN HALL ('til 4pm).  Delicious food from home and away will delight those with discerning palates and Simply Strings will conjure up the atmosphere of Christmas coming.

From 11am there will be fun, food and fighting at the ROMAN LEGION MUSEUM ('til 4pm) where SATURNALIA (the Roman equivalent of Christmas) will be celebrated.  But CHRISTMAS CAN BE MURDER and it is feared that a killer will be on the loose, so multi-tasking will be necessary - whilst sampling Roman food, doing a little candle decorating/ornament making, playing games and quizzes, and watching gladiators fight you will be expected to hunt the killer - no small feat.

From 12 noon there will be a CHRISTMAS FAYRE at the PRIMARY SCHOOL ('til 3pm) that is the Charles Williams Church in Wales Primary School.  There will be much to see to make you happy.

As if that wasn't enough CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS commence ON THE COMMON around the CHRISTMAS TREE after three.  The Usk Brass Band will start up at 3.30pm followed by the Lodge Hill School Choir …. AND

SANTA CLAUS will arrive at 4pm to spread good cheer until 4.30pm when CHRISTMAS WILL BE OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED.

Excitement and anticipation can be sensed everywhere - it is hardly surprising.

Tim Davidson - Chairman

Oh, by the by - we've recently updated our Festival Archive to include some detail about many of our guests, and performers we've enjoyed over the years - why not visit The Music Archive or The Word Archive to find out more?

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